Kim Nichols


Our Nature Is Balance

How would your life be different if you believed that within every painful period lies a seed of opportunity for greater personal understanding, clarity and compassion? Would you look for that seed rather than giving into the fear, numbing the pain or feeling victimized? Is that even possible? Yes. With support to find your courage to live through wholeness, life's pain and loss can reveal opportunities for healing and hope.

By honoring the interplay of mind, body and spirit I am passionate about enlivening my client's desire to live through wholeness. The whole person counseling perspective views each individual as an energetic being and supports honest exploration and acceptance of all feelings toward an ever-evolving view of self.

Services We Provide

♦ Counseling Session ♦

The goal of counseling whether it be an individual, a couple or family is to evaluate mental/emotional patterns, belief systems, and life circumstances that are creating difficulties and pain...


♦ Energy Work ♦

We are energy. Reiki is an energy practice that channels universal life force energy with the human body in order to release blocks, balance energy centers (chakras) and enhance health.


♦ Integrated Yoga Session ♦

An integrated yoga session is designed to respond to each client’s unique personal journey towards wholeness. Yoga can help identify energetic patterns and imbalances as well as prepare the client to stay present...


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Whole Person Counseling is a practice for healing and transformation using traditional psychotherapy, body-energy work and intuitive science.